Vita noctis - much money good boy no money good-bye


SIFTD is an independent startup with no corporate backing or advertising. While that provides an editorial environment with no conflict of interest, it also means that the site can use all the financial help it can get. We've been asked by many of our subscribers for a way to support the site financially beyond subscribing or buying subscriptions for others using our GIFTD program. This has motivated us to create SIFTD Elite. Feel free to donate as much or as little as you want. Every bit helps, and we will appreciate your generous contribution more than we can ever express. We do not expect our subscribers to contribute anything, so do not feel pressure. And certainly do not contribute if it will place you under any financial strain. Any money you donate to SIFTD will help us expand and generate more content and ensure the longevity of the site. You can donate with a Paypal account or major credit card in over 130 countries around the globe. Keep in mind that donations are non-refundable before clicking the submit button. Donations do not go towards renewing your subscription.

If you donate more than $50 USD you're given Elite status on the site. This rewards you with an exclusive green avatar frame. The background of your comments and forum posts will carry that same color site-wide. We will also mention you by name at the conclusion of an episode of our flagship show GameFace, and we will continue to look for new ways to reward our Elite members going forward as well. Once you're Elite, you're always Elite. You'll have the rewards forever.

Whether you decide to donate or not, we want to thank you from the very bottoms of our hearts for supporting us. As a subscriber you've already done your part, but we've received so many requests for this feature that we decided it was finally time to implement it.

Humbly yours,

Shane Satterfield
Founder, SIFTD

Vita Noctis - Much Money Good Boy No Money Good-Bye

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